Wells. Not Walls.

What if, instead of a border wall, we built wells and delivered clean water to all of humanity?

Same Cost. Greater Good.

Most estimates place the cost of constructing the border wall between $20-25 billion1. For the same cost, we could deliver clean water to every man, woman, and child in the world2.

Not only is the border wall an incredible waste of American resources, but it also sends a powerfully negative message to the world. The border wall concept is based on bad assumptions. The wall won't make Americans safer, and it won't help our economy3.

Why would we foolishly use our valuable resources toward an act of a dying empire? Instead, as a nation let's open our hands and hearts to provide the basic need that we are fortunate enough to take for granted: clean water.

The future benefits of this choice are limitless. People all over the world, their cultures, and their economies will grow and flourish with access to clean water. Americans, home and abroad, will be safer for having created this act of good will.

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